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Boy Killed In Miami Gardens Hit & Run

MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) – The 12-year-old boy, struck by a car witnesses say was speeding Thursday afternoon, has died in the hospital Friday, authorities said.

Nick Murrel, according to witnesses, was playing football with friends. The ball went into the street, Murrel's brother said, and when he went to grab it, a car came and hit the boy--speeding off after.

Miami Gardens Police are still looking for the person responsible.

The crash happened along NW 29 Avenue near 152 Terrace, police said.

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Witnesses said the car that struck the boy was possibly drag racing with another car.

"I closed my eyes. I thought it was a dream. I started screaming," Aaron Morris said.

Morris said he is the brother of the victim.

"It was his turn, so he threw the football, and he tried to throw it at me but he missed," Morris explained. "So the football went in the road and he tried to get it, but the black car tried to get passed him and the red car hit him and kept going."

His injuries required surgery, a relative told CBS4 News.

Cuellar and others on scene told police it appeared two cars, a black sedan and a red Camaro or Mustang, were speeding, possibly even racing just before the crash.

"They were going in zigzagging motions like if they were stunt drivers or something," Cuellar said.

Tyrone Maxwell was with Murrell before the accident.

"Playing football with him and hide and go seek. We have fun times with each other," Maxwell said. "Ten minutes before, my grandmother said get out the street. When she said that, the ball went across the street and then he went to go get it and that's when he came, he dropped the ball and he got hit."

Maxwell said one person in the car covered their eyes just before the impact.

He said the red car was a convertible.

"After it happened it looked like they stepped on the gas to go faster to get away," Morris explained.

Anyone with information is urged to call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).


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