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School Board Extends Carvalho's Contract Through 2015

MIAMI (CBS4) - It looks like Broward has lost out on their chance to possibly hire Alberto Carvalho to be their new Superintendent of schools.

On Wednesday the county's School Board renewed Carvalho's contract through 2015. Carvalho has been Miami-Dade County Schools Superintendent since September 2008, his original contract ran through 2013.

"Superintendent Carvalho, with the support of his stellar senior staff, has provided more options for students while protecting our teachers against the strong headwinds of the economic recession.  There is no question that our school system in Miami Dade County has greatly improved under this administration, and it is important that we reward and recognize excellence," said Board Member Carlos L. Curbelo who sponsored the measure to extend Carvalho's contract.

Dozens of other commissioners, mayors and community members also praised and vouched for Carvalho during the meeting.

"He really believes in what he's doing.  He believes in the mission of public schools," said FIU President, Mark Rosenberg.

Miami-Dade Commissioner Pepe Diaz also shared his praises for Carvalho, calling him a "gentlemen who has changed the way everything is done here."

After the unanimous vote, Carvalho was given a standing ovation.

Broward's School Board had been interested in Carvalho to possibly replace outgoing Superintendent James Notter.

Last month Board member Nora Rupert said she was impressed by Carvalho because he's been able to forge a relationship with the community while focusing on the classroom.

"Certainly we are dealing with an urban district and we're also a minority majority," said Rupert. "He wants to keep at risk kids in school. He's doing a phenomenal job."

Though facing budget woes, Carvalho has managed to hold the classroom harmless. Broward, on the other hand, pink slipped approximately 1,400 teachers on the last day of school.

Not only did Dade County not lay off any teachers, they were also able to strike a deal with their teachers' union.

Carvalho stressed to teachers that "this is not the time to increase you compensation.  This is the time to do more with less.  Better with less," a message that the United Teachers of Dade supported.

The head of Broward teacher's Union has said he's impressed by Carvalho, who has cut the administration by half over three years, something they've urged the district to do.

"I would like to see someone with vision who communicates effectively and works collaboratively," said Union president Pat Santeramo.


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