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Sanders Pushes For Unity At Florida Delegates Breakfast

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PHILADELPHIA, PA (CBSMiami) – Breakfast - they say it's the one meal you shouldn't skip and Tuesday was not the exception for Florida delegates.

Senator Bernie Sanders made a surprise visit to the Florida delegate breakfast hoping to cool fired up delegates.

"Our job in a difficult moment is to bring people together, not divide us up," said Sanders.

A day earlier, at that very same breakfast, Sanders supporters made headlines fired up over the Democratic National Committee email scandal. South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz walked off stage and disappeared from the convention.

Sanders spoke to both Florida and California's delegates in an attempt to bring the most vocal followers at the convention in line.

"We've got to elect Hilary Clinton as the next President of the United States," said Sanders.

Whether it will work remains to be seen.

Day one proved Democrats can be just as dysfunctional as Republicans. Sanders supporters could drown out speakers at will but by the end of the night, Sanders' speech appeared to sway some delegates.

"I think it's starting to happen. It's going to be a process. And remember the delegates who were the most committed activists," Broward Democratic Party Chairwoman and Bernie delegate Cynthia Busch.

She's trying to convince herself and others like her to support Hillary.

"Bernie's agenda is going to be much more powerful with a Democrat President in the White House," said Busch.

Meanwhile, Republicans are pulling punches - literally.

"Getting a location for the RNC in Philadelphia wasn't easy," said RNC Chief of Staff Katie Walsh.

They rented out a 20,000 square foot boxing ring, symbolizing the infighting among Democrats.

"They have not been able to string together five minutes of what could be seen as a unified message coming out of their convention yesterday, or quite frankly even this evening. And so the fact that we are in a boxing ring is pretty fitting. They have got two wings of their party that are not happy with each other," said Walsh.

After the roll call vote is over Tuesday night, after the presumptive nominee becomes the nominee, will Bernie Sanders supporters keep the fight or join forces?

University of Miami Political Science Professor Joseph Ucinski isn't quite sure.

"These are people who are part of this cult and they are not going to give that up just to support a person like Hillary Clinton whose very establishment the Bernie supporters are against. They hate it. The don't like the big banks. The don't like the money coming into the politics and Hilary Clinton, to them, represents a lot of that," said Uscinski.

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