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Salisbury on Fins Win: 'Sometimes When You Hang Around Crap You Play Like Crap'


"It doesn't feel like a win, but [the Miami Dolphins are] still 1-0," former NFL QB Sean Salisbury said on the Big O Show. "Do you want an ugly win or a pretty loss?

"Sometimes when you try to put your finger on it, we all try and break down every facet of the game. Sometimes when you hang around crap you play like crap, and the Washington Redskins are dysfunctional... There's still 32 [NFL teams]. You still have got to play them, and you almost let one get away. Imagine if we're sitting here having this conversation if Landry doesn't make that return or they don't force some turnovers and make some plays. So, ugly win, but a win nevertheless. I'll take it."

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