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Salisbury: Jarvis Landry is 'a Budding Superstar'


What's the outside analysis of Ryan Tannehill after two weeks of the season?

"He's growing on me and we talked about this," former NFL QB and Yahoo radio host Sean Salisbury said on the Big O Show. I keep telling people and we talked about this, Big O, that we're still pretty raw at the position. It's not like he's playing it for 20 years like a lot of guys have. I love his improvement.

"He was dealing but I need more big plays. I've got to have more big plays in the offense and we'll get 'em... I'll tell you what, I'd like to target Landry about 15 times a game. I think that kid is special. There was one coach at LSU when he came out at the same time Beckham did that said Landry is a better football player. And it was on the current staff -- I'll leave names out -- so that's high praise considering how good Odell Beckham is so I think you're looking at a budding superstar there."

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