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Robaina Denies Campbell Job Deal

MIAMI ( – One day after being implicated in a job-for-endorsement deal by former mayoral candidate Luther Campbell, Julio Robaina took to the airwaves this morning on WIOD to deny the charge.

In a brief question-and-answer with the station, Robaina denied having promised Campbell a job for his friend and wouldn't distance himself from Campbell.

"I love the endorsement of Mr. Campbell and Mr. Bradley," Robaina said. "I have promised both of them that we will have an administration that is inclusive."

That was as far as WIOD host Jimmy Cefalo would push Robaina for more information. But Robaina also answered questions on the Marlins Stadium and about the possibility of having to raise taxes for future projects or to cover budget gaps.

Robaina said that he "consistently reduced the expense of government," and that he did not raise taxes while mayor of Hialeah.

Robaina called the Marlins stadium deal, "a bad idea" and " a bad, bad deal for this community."

Robaina was also asked about unions and jobs in Miami and he wouldn't say no to the possibility of having to re-negotiate union contracts. He said the community and the unions need to "confront the economic realities that are facing the community right now."

He then echoed a GOP-talking point saying government is in the way of job creation.

"The only way we're going to solve this unemployment rate is to not put additional burdens on the business owners of this community," Robaina said.


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