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Road Ranger Hit By Car While Helping Motorists

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A road ranger is in the hospital after troopers say he was struck by a drunk driver. Amaury Da Costa was assisting an accident victim about two a.m. Sunday when he was hit.

Daughter, Ingrid Da Costa, says her father is very concerned about safety.  "He always tells us be very careful," she said.

Ingrid Da Costa learned about the crash as she arrived back in South Florida after her honeymoon.

"I called my dad. He was supposed to pick me up in Fort Lauderdale and my mother just said he had an accident and couldn't come get me," she told CBS4's Maggie Newland. "He had a really bad head trauma in the back and in the front he had stitches in his forehead all the way to the eye.  He has a big laceration on his left leg and bruises."    Family members say the cut on his leg goes all the way down to the bone and he will remain in the hospital for a few days to prevent infection.

Watch Maggie Newland's report, click here.

"We could have lost my father-in-law today and it could happen to anybody in Miami," said Erika Da Costa.

Troopers said 19-year-old Shelton Joseph was behind the wheel of the car that hit Da Costa.

Shelton Joseph, 19. (Source: Miami-Dade Corrections)

"Our investigation concluded that the driver of the red Honda was under the influence of alcohol driving impaired," said Trooper Joe Sanchez.

"I just pray for him to find a way to realize what he has done. For it to be a lesson to him to people his age," said Erika Da Costa.

Family members are just thankful Da Costa will recover especially since he already had one close call earlier in the night.

"He was assisting someone and he saw a shadow and jumped to the side of the road and they crashed his truck," explained Erika Da Costa.  She said her father got a new truck and went back to work.  A few hours later he was hit.

The family hopes the crash reminds all drivers to think about safety on the roads as much as Amaury Da Costa.

"One moment something can change your life forever," said Ingrid Da Costa. "Just be careful there's lives out there, family."

"You shouldn't drink and drive. You shouldn't text and drive. This is somebody's father; this is somebody's husband; this is somebody's grandpa. He's very loved and we're glad and blessed that God saved him today," added Erika Da Costa.

The Move Over Law, requires drivers to move over and reduce their speed by 20-miles if they approach a police, fire, rescue or tow vehicle with their lights on and providing a service.

If you don't Sanchez said, "chances are you're going to get a citation."

Shelton Joseph remains in jail.  Family members who answered the door at Joseph's home said they were aware of the crash but had no other details.


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