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Reynolds: Miami Marlins Need Another Managerial Change


Dan Jennings is not the long-term answer at manager for the Miami Marlins, says MLB Analyst Harold Reynolds.

"I'm not convinced that they don't have to make a change," Reynolds said on the Marc Hochman Show with Zach Krantz. "I don't see that this is gonna work long-term... This club is too good and can get better direction. I still don't think this is the answer. I think long-term they've got to make a change."

As for Giancarlo Stanton eating Kit Kat bars like a neanderthal, Reynolds offers up a logical reason for why that occurred.

"Well he looks like a Greek God so he comes from another world anyway. I figure maybe where he came from -- the world he came from -- that's how they ate them.

"He's a machine."

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