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Restraining Order Filed Against Mother Who Attacked Florida City Student

FLORIDA CITY (CBSMiami) -- A South Florida mother has now filed a restraining order after her son was beaten in school by another parent.

This all unfolded at Bethell Junior Academy in Florida City.

Zendre Pollard tells CBS4 that her son was hit by another parent holding a belt after her son Nehemiah was involved in a bullying incident.

According to Nehemiah, the bully's sister called her mom. And, before anyone knew it, the mom showed up at school looking for a fight of her own.

The woman decided to take matters into her own hands, came into the school and hit Nehemiah, said Pollard, and it was all caught on school surveillance cameras.

Pollard told CBS4, "If you can go into a school and slash my child, it wasn't just a whooping, you slashed my child. So, if you can go in there and do that, who's to tell you what else you can do?"

Pollard also told CBS4 she's displeased with the schools lack of security.

CBS4 reporter Nicole Lauren walked into the school Friday morning and the door was unlocked. When she told Pollard that information, Pollard replied, "Even worse. Even worse. For you to be able to walk in there after what just happened yesterday, what does that tell you?"

Pollard said she never received a call from the school regarding the incident and she doesn't plan on sending Nehemiah back there.

Police are still investigating the incident. Pollard met with detectives Friday to give her statement.

She told CBS4 all she wants is an arrest.

The school has not responded to comment.

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