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Report: NFLPA May Fight Further Incognito Suspensions

NEW YORK (CBSMiami) – While guard Richie Incognito is no longer a headache for the Miami Dolphins or its fans, the National Football League still has yet to weigh in on how it will discipline Incognito for his actions while a member of the Dolphins.

Incognito was suspended last year for two games without pay and six games with pay when the Jonathan Martin harassment story first broke. Incognito let the Dolphins and NFL avoid messy situations by agreeing to the suspensions and sitting out half the 2013 season.

But, according to, the NFL may have a more difficult time imposing further suspensions on Incognito. Specifically, the Collective Bargaining Agreement allows only one penalty for violations, meaning the Commissioner's office and a team cannot both impose penalties for an action. reported that the NFL Players Association would fight any further discipline of Incognito that the NFL was to impose. On the flip side, the NFL may argue it is suspending Incognito for harassing other players, Andrew McDonald, and staff members of the Dolphins, according to

That could set up a legal fight as to whether the harassment scandal can be broken apart for each player/staff member, or if the entire scandal is one continuing act.

If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell does impose further penalties against Incognito, if the player were to appeal the suspensions, Goodell would also hear the appeals. After that, it's possible a suspension could be fought in federal court as a violation of the CBA.

In other words, depending on what Commissioner Goodell does; the sad saga of Richie Incognito isn't likely to end anytime soon.

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