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Miami-Dade police officer accused of using Apple AirTags to stalk ex-girlfriend

MDPD officer accused of stalking ex-girlfriend by using Apple AirTags to track her
MDPD officer accused of stalking ex-girlfriend by using Apple AirTags to track her 02:25

MIAMI - A Miami-Dade police officer is charged with using Apple AirTags to stalk his ex-girlfriend. 

In a police report, the victim says 27-year-old Javier Magarin would text her saying he knew where she was or, occasionally, he'd just show up.  She says it's the faint beeping sound the AirTag makes that alerted her she was being stalked.

"It's not unheard of. It happens more often than not," says Stuart Kaplan, attorney and former FBI agent.

According to the police report, between March and April, Magarin willfully and repeatedly stalked his ex, learning her location through the use of Apple AirTag tracking devices. 

The report says Magarin and his girlfriend broke up in late March and immediately after he placed an AirTag in her car.

"When you're talking about any sworn law enforcement officer, there is a sense of disappointment because there's a sort of betrayal of confidence that the public wants to have," says Kaplan.

Throughout the next few weeks, the victim received text messages from Magarin, asking her questions about her location.  AirTags were initially created to track things like car keys.  But in today's world, Kaplan says people are becoming creative.

"This technology does not work on GPS it works on your location services through your iPhone or digital device," he says.

According to the report, Magarin, who joined Miami-Dade police last year, eventually admitted via text that he was using an AirTag to track his ex.  The officer was relieved of duty and charged with stalking and installing tracking devices.

"To some extent we have been desensitized and have almost decriminalized looking into our friends or family or loved ones or ex's digital devices," says Kaplan.

Keep in mind, if you're near an active AirTag, Apple will send an alert notification to your phone.

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