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Report: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Buy $30M Indian Creek Lot While President Trump Prepares To Come To Florida

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – President Donald Trump will soon be out of a job and so will his eldest daughter Ivanka. So what are they going to do next?  Apparently move to South Florida.

Ivanka Trump has spent the last four years by her dad's side in Washington as a White House senior adviser, but now it appears Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner may be moving to Miami-Dade.

The couple have purchased a plot of land in Indian Creek Village in an area dubbed "Billionaire's Bunker."

The news was first reported by the New York Post's Page Six, which said the acquisition is "believed to be" of a 1.8-acre, 80,000-square-foot plot most recently owned by Julio Iglesias and listed at $31.8 million.

The property is about 60 miles from the president's Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach.

Of course, Mr. Trump is a Florida resident now, listing Mar-a-Lago as his permanent address in 2019.

It's also where Trump plans to spend his Christmas and New Year's but will he return to the White House after the holidays?

That's the question swirling internally among White House aides. Staffers say they have not received any guidance for the President after the holidays, CNN reports according to people familiar with the plans.

Trump could return to Washington for the final days on his term. But there have also been some discussions about the President and the first lady remaining in Florida and not coming back to the White House, a White House official said.

The talks are fluid and no plan is set at this point, officials cautioned. Sources at Mar-a-Lago and in Washington both indicated there is nothing currently on the calendar for the first couple to remain in Florida after New Year's.

Trump had originally planned to visit Mar-a-Lago over Thanksgiving, but canceled the trip as his private quarters were being renovated in anticipation of him moving there permanently after his administration concludes.

Asked about the prospect of the President going to Florida in December and never returning to Washington, one source responded it was "pure speculation."

But at a moment when Trump has become consumed with contesting the results of the election, staffers acknowledge that Trump has not given many signals about what his plans will be once the Electoral College affirms President-elect Joe Biden's win on December 14.

Some aides have tried to gently suggest to the President he begin trying to identify and execute end-of-term priorities, but he remains intently focused on the election results, even as executive branch agencies and departments rush to finalize a flurry of rule-making efforts.

Trump is still considering a raft of pardons and other moves before he leaves office, but has spent the vast majority of his time over the past weeks watching television coverage of the transition and speaking with advisers about various conspiracy theories related to the election results.

What he does on Inauguration Day remains an open question.

He has given indications that he will tease a 2024 run, but hasn't offered a firm plan of how he'll do it. He has mused about counter-programming Biden's inauguration with a rally or event, but hasn't moved past the ideation phase.

Some aides have encouraged Trump to perform the traditional hand-off of power, believing it would better preserve his brand going forward. But the President has privately downplayed the notion of welcoming Biden to the White House, saying he doesn't believe it would make any difference to his supporters.

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