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Rep. Ted Deutch Says Marjorie Taylor Greene 'Peddles Conspiracy Theories That Radicalize People Online' In Push Strip Her Of Committee Assignments

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has been in office for 33 days. But she may be removed from the House after her constituents and many others say she spread dangerous conspiracy theories, and even threatened some high-ranking Democrats.

On Thursday, the House will vote on whether to strip Rep. Taylor Greene of her committee assignments.

Greene has publicly expressed support for the QAnon movement, made Islamophobic and anti-Semitic comments and agreed with the idea of executing Democratic leaders, among many other things.

She is also facing backlash for a video showing her angrily confronting Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg and agreeing with people who called the school massacre a "false-flag" event, meaning it was a hoax manufactured by the media to take away gun rights.

Rep. Ted Deutch, who represents Parkland, is calling for her expulsion from the House.

"It is important for this committee to remember why Mrs. Greene's conduct is so harmful and so very, very dangerous," he said. "Mrs. Greene peddles conspiracy theories that radicalize people online. These theories aren't diluted – they also radicalize violence."

During a meeting Wednesday, Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski called complaints against the freshman representative "politically motived."

"As for Representative Greene, the current chair and ranking member have not received a compliant and determined whether the information meets the requirement of the committee rules," she said. "The chair and the ranking member have not gathered information concerning this alleged conduct."

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Prior to being elected to Congress in November, Taylor Greene was known for her wild conspiracy theories.

"Last year, FBI Director Wray testified that conspiracy theories like the ones Greene promotes are among the most serious threats to American security. Mrs. Greene is now a member of Congress, one who has publically spouted racist, anti-Semitic and Islamphobic garbage," Deutch said.

Rep. Walorski doubled down on her claims that calls to remove Taylor Greene must be first reviewed and go through due process.

"This committee has not even had its first meeting for the 117th Congress," she said. "But yet, the chair seeks to bring this matter before the House without proper committee consideration, jurisdiction and without due process."

For Deutch, his mission is personal, saying Parkland victims and families are still suffering.

"They are still suffering, they are going to be suffering forever – and this makes it so much worse," he said. "I have cried with the families of Parkland and I've grieved from them. And in my wallet I still, to this day, carry around a sheet of paper, with the names of their loved ones so that they're never forgotten in Congress."

Meanwhile, Walorski disagreed with the House's move, calling them "dangerous" and way of "weaponizing" the committee against one another.

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