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Rep. Rivera At Center Of Wikipedia Controversy

MIAMI (CBS4) - South Florida Representative David Rivera has faced his fair share of criticism and controversy in his brief time on the national stage.

But, Wikipedia readers were treated to nothing but good things from Rivera after press secretary Leslie Viega tried to scrub the site of anything negative towards Rivera, according to Politico.

Rivera was denied a meeting with House majority leader Eric Cantor due to the multiple scandals that have swirled around the freshman Congressman.

Politico found that Viega removed parts of the freshman member's career write-up and replaced it with "a six-point list of 'Rivera's Legislative Accomplishments' taken directly from his campaign website."

Politico said Viega also deleted the entire controversies section from Rivera's Wikipedia entry. The section was restored and Viega again deleted it.

"The information I added was well-sourced and linked to legislation on the Florida house website that the congressman sponsored during his time in the state Legislature," Viega told Politico.


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