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Renowned designer accused of illegally shipping products made of Caiman, Python skin

MIAMI -- Colombia extradited renowned designer Nancy Gonzalez to the U.S. for allegedly illegally shipping products made from the skins of endangered animals.

Gonzalez and her business partner, Diego Rodriguez, who was also extradited, have been charged in Miami with conspiracy to import and bring wildlife against the law and for smuggling merchandise, according to the Colombian National Police.

The alleged items sent to the United States – bags, wallets and belts, among others – were made of leather and animal skin such as whales, snakes and alligators. The articles were then sold in prestigious luxury stores in the United States.

The Colombian Supreme Court of Justice endorsed the extradition of the designer last February.

Gonzalez is recognized in the world of fashion design in Colombia and the United States as one of the most outstanding figures in the sector. Her arrest in 2022 caused surprise among her colleagues and the public opinion.

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