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Reflections After The Defense Rested At The Zimmerman Trial

MIAMI (CBS4) -- After 12 days of testimony, the witnesses are done and the judge asks George Zimmerman, "Is it your decision not to testify in this case?" "Yes, your honor," he said.

It was his chance to tell his story to the jury in his own words, of how he shot and killed Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin.

He claims in self-defense, but as George Zimmerman's attorneys rested their case.

He chose not to get on the witness stand.  "This is clearly the decision that you yourself have made?" the judge confirms.  "Yes your honor."

"A big part of him wanted to get in from of the jury and talk to them and say, "This is my story, this is what I've done and this is why I did it." explains his attorney Mark O'Mara.

His story has been told over and over again by a parade of witnesses and by his own multiple taped statements.  Zimmerman said he shot Trayvon after the teen punched him in the face and pounded his head on a sidewalk.

"I feel like I could confidently say the defense has the advantage here," said jury consultant Susan Constantine.   She, along with many court watchers, said it appears Zimmerman's version of events is getting more traction.  "I saw a few head nods," she said, "meaning affirmation, I'm right there with you, I'm connected."

Trayvon's parents have been in the courtroom every day, watching intently.  They believe Zimmerman profiled their son, followed him and killed him.  Their attorney says with testimony over, they're praying for one thing, that Zimmerman will be convicted of second-degree murder.  "They have faith they're going to get justice," said Benjamin Crump.   "All they asked for from the beginning of this tragedy is that the killer of their son be held accountable."

Closing arguments begin Thursday at 1 p.m.

They will stretch intro Friday.

The jury should get the case by sometime Friday afternoon.


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