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RedFarm in Coconut Grove merges modern and inventive cuisine with classic Chinese food

Taste Of The Town: RedFarm brings a fresh and inventive approach to Chinese food
Taste Of The Town: RedFarm brings a fresh and inventive approach to Chinese food 03:26

COCONUT GROVE - There's a whole lot of fun, fire, and fabulous food at the all-new RedFarm in Coconut Grove. 

This popular dim sum Chinese restaurant first gained fame in New York, then Austin. 

Restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow, who founded the once South Beach staple China Grill, said he wanted this RedFarm to focus on locals and community.

"This, you know, to me is the best of Miami. I love the neighborhood. There are a lot of families that don't leave during the summer. The restaurant's not tourist dependent," said Jeffrey Goldin, service director.

The food concept is Chinese with a twist. 

"Our food leans towards Cantonese food. I always say it's the kind of food you could expect to find in a fancy hotel in Hong Kong. If you're going to a banquet in a fancy hotel in Hong Kong, this is the style of food we serve," Goldin said.

And the look and the vibe say "come inside".

"We wanted a comfortable dining room where people would feel comfortable to eat. We don't expect people to dress up, we don't want them to dress up. We want people to be comfortable and have a good time," Goldin added.

The minute she started the tasting, CBS News Miami's Lisa Petrillo understood the whole concept.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so happy," she said.

That's because she was diving into RedFarm's signature Peking duck with three sauces and homemade pancakes. It was named by China's national broadcaster as the best Peking duck in the world outside of China.

"The duck comes to us from a family in Pennsylvania that's been raising ducks for 84 years. We think it's the best duck to start with in the world," Goldin said.

"I'm kind of speechless because there's so much going on. The flavor that you just put in the sauce, the duck is so tender, the crispy skin gives it a perfect touch, and the little crunchy veggies on the side, it is like the perfect little bite," Petrillo added.

Next, a first and only for Miami—adorable, creative three Little Piggy Bites called Pork Buns.

"The pork inside is called char siu pork, which is very, very traditional Chinese barbecued pork. Other than the nose and the eyes, it's very traditional," Goldin said.

"So it's not just cute. It's delicious because the pork inside is just really special. It's flavored so well, with a little bit of a kick, and the soft bun on the top," Petrillo said.

Next, the legendary pastrami egg rolls—with NY-style pastrami, asparagus, peppers, and a honey mustard dipping sauce.

"It's arguably in the top three sellers of all time since we opened," Goldin said. "It's a guilty pleasure," he added.

"This is the ultimate dream pastrami sandwich with this high-end, chaffy crunch," Petrillo noted.

They try the elegant and fun Pac-Man dumplings, designed after the arcade game, and the warm and soothing slurp 'em up soup dumplings. They end on another RedFarm favorite, known as the three chili chicken, which comes with strict instructions: "Don't eat the dried pepper, just don't do it. Even if you like spicy [food], don't do it, just don't do it. 

But the chicken itself, when it's cooked right, has the texture of a perfectly cooked scallop," Goldin said. 

"This has a little bit of a kick," Petrillo said. "I'm feeling the heat but I didn't touch that pepper like you said. It's tender and there's also a little sweet in there somewhere."

RedFarm—where modern and inventive cuisine merge with classic Chinese to create a special dining experience.

RedFarm is open Tuesday through Sunday. For more information visit:

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