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Real Soldiers Help Tackle Down Zombies In Miami Warfare Game

MIAMI (CBS4) - In a matter of days zombies will be coming to South Florida.

No, it is not for Halloween, but rather an elaborate violent video game that's being brought to life. The program and the people putting it on are quite unique.

Recently, CBS4's David Sutta had the opportunity to get a taste of what the program would be like.

The staff dressed Sutta up in the gear, gave him a quick training and suddenly they were off, clearing a building looking for hostages. It's as real as warfare gets - minus the chance of being shot.

A group of what you could call "American heroes" started up the company called Adventure Combat Ops, essentially blending the world of video games with the real thing.

"So you'll see coming from delta force, seals, special forces rangers and operation command. Lots of combat experience. Men, 15 to 30 deployments throughout the world and South America," said Tim Pearson with Adventure Combat Ops.

From capturing Saddam Hussein to killing Osama Bin Laden, these guys said they were there. For security reasons they wouldn't identify who did what.

It's clear that these men have seen a lot.

Tom Baller, a former Delta Force member tried to explain what it's like.

"Your mind, it never stops. You don't sleep at night, you think about what you did the day before. Then you wake up and you do it again. 90 days deployment you are going to do 500 combat missions or more," said Baller.

Far from the battlefield, they now take their expertise into the civilian world. Though their new venture, people can pay to be a weekend warrior of sorts, suiting up with the actual gear and guns used in special operation missions right now. And don't worry, the guns fire air-soft pellets.

After an hour of professional warfare training, one team is put into the quote-game.

Miami's story will involve zombies, Pearson explained.

"A terrorist sleeper cell has activated a bio-threat within greater Miami and you and your team is fighting that force, fighting that enemy and taking care of any hostage situations that may occur," said Pearson.

So why zombies?

"Zombies are exciting. It's a very real threat, gotta be prepared," said Pearson.

The zombie attacks and ensuing missions are being planned around the country. However, the first mission will happen in Miami in November.

The group is pledging to make it as realistic as possible, even using explosives. You could say it's the evolution of video games coming back to reality.

"This is all the good stuff without any of the element of danger at the end. You are going to come home and high five at the end of the night," said Nicholas Dombey with Adventure Combat Ops.

If you are interested in participating or perhaps being one of the zombies click here.

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