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"Real" Luxury Consignment Deals Are Just A Mouse Click Away

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Suzy Buckley Woodward is a self-admitted 'fashionista'.

Recently she asked The, an online luxury consignment site with two million members, to come over and check out her rack of designer duds she wanted to sell.

Brooke Kochman, a luxury manager for the website, showed up at her door.

"She comes to your house, takes away everything and you get checks in the mail. It's not a bad thing," said Woodward.

"We have 30 thousand items per month. These are luxury pieces with tags and name brands that you can purchase on our site," said Kochman.

The site offers both women's and men's clothing in addition to jewelry, fine art and accessories. The site is for both buyers and sellers.

Woodward said she has a good reason for getting rid of her stuff for a price.

"It's a simple case of closest space. I don't have enough room in my home to just keep putting more and more stuff in the closets," said Woodward.

But 'everything that glitters is not gold.'

Kochman meticulously went through all of Woodward's items; clothes, handbags and shoes. No scuffs or spots are allowed. A dress with a small stain was rejected. Most of the other things, however, were accepted on consignment.

After they get the nod of approval, consignment items are photographed, bagged and shipped off to the experts at warehouses in either San Francisco or New York.

"We have a team that authenticates and curates each piece, so you have experts handling and selecting the merchandise that's only in great and excellent condition," said Kochman. "So when you are buying, you're buying the best of the best."

Each consigner receives a list of approved designers the site will sell. There's everything from contemporary designers like Tory Burch to those considered in the very high-end. Kochman showed off a brand new Chanel purse with tags that retails for $4,900. She purchased it for herself for $3000 on The

Consigners can make up to 70% from the selling price, like Woodward who now shops with 'selling' in mind.

"I actually base pieces of clothing that I'm thinking about buying on if I will be able to sell them in the future. I'm more inclined to buy certain lines knowing they are approved by "real real" and I can sell them again," said Woodward.

"The average consigner makes $7,500 per year. That's like a free vacation on us just by opening your closet doors." Kochman said.

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