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Rapper Rick Ross Wants To Buy Part Of The Miami Dolphins

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Rapper Rick Ross revealed in a radio interview he wants to join the long list of celebrities who have a partial stake in the Miami Dolphins.

The Mississippi native grew up in Carol City where he became a huge Miami sports fan. Ross has been spotted several times courtside at Miami Heat games and now wants bring his love to the Miami Dolphins.

During a radio interview with Power 105.1 in New York, Ross said he talked with Dolphins' brass about purchasing a small part of the team.

"I went and sat down with the Miami Dolphins, we discussed a few things. You know I've been interested in trying to buy a small percentage of the Dolphins for a long time and they finally invited me into the office and I sat with some people," Ross told Power 105.1. "It was a real positive conversation, and when we left, they offered me to walk out through the field. It was sprayed for the game the following day, and I walked out on the field, I was excited."

Ross didn't say if the Dolphins would have an answer for him anytime soon, but was happy to show his interest.

"I put it on the table and there was a few things they wanted to ask and discuss and so forth. But it was a positive situation," he said. "They ultimately decide if the time is now, or does it happen at all. I just wanted to let them know I'm a huge supporter. I would bring them a positive energy to the set, ya dig?"

If accepted, Ross would join sisters Venus and Serena Williams, Fergie Duhamel, Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony on the list of celebrity owners.


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