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"Quarantine Buddy" Makes Connections During The Coronavirus Pandemic

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Whether it's to play music, laugh, or learn, many in isolation have connected during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to Quarantine Buddy.

It's a website created by two college seniors at Cornell University living in New York during the height of the pandemic. Sam Brickman and Jordyn Goldzweig started it after seeing that people were just so lonely.

"So we found this problem and we were so dedicated to find answers that we pulled two all-nighters to have it up and running and send it out to all of our friends," said Goldzweig

The website features a questionnaire to match people with similar interests.

"People can go on and find whatever they're looking for. If you're trying to find a person, or someone that likes a similar instrument or likes a similar topic or TV show, you can find that," Brickman said.

During one of his daily briefings a few months back, NY Governor Cuomo actually mentioned the website Quarantine Buddy and it took off.

"So we have like 30,000 people in over 120 different countries and every single day that number is growing. We can't believe how rapidly it has expanded outside of New York," Brickman explained.

Sheldon Brown is a 21-year-old college student whose mom is a nurse and rarely home. Pam Silverstein, 77, is a widow from Ithaca, New York. They might not look like a typical match at first glance, but they say their connection has meant everything.

Quarantine buddies
Sheldon Brown and Pam Silverstein are 'quarantine buddies' (CBS4)

"He's a warm, wonderful young man. I think that it's always good for people to have different age groups in their life and Sheldon can be my grandson, but he's mine, he's kind. He asks me questions, it's not a one-sided relationship," said Silverstein.

"I met Pam and from then on, Pam has been there for me through all these months, during these tough times. It's been great having her as a buddy for sure," said Brown.

The website is now doing virtual events on a weekly basis, connecting more and more people. As for Pam and Sheldon, they continue to connect all the time. It's a forever friendship born out of a global pandemic.

"I think people are desperate for friends and that's why I think Quarantine Buddy is so magical," said Silverstein.

Quarantine Buddy is holding a virtual event here in Florida at the end of the week. For more info got to

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