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Public Proposal At Miami City Hall

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It wasn't your typical Miami city commission meeting, Thursday. No politics, no tough decisions, just one proposal that involved a ring.

It was a day to say goodbye to retiring city attorney Julie Bru.  Commissioners started by naming the day for her, "Julie O. Bru Day."

"It's the day the city attorney can't get the legal opinion wrong because it's Julie's day," joked Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.

After heartfelt goodbyes from colleagues, Bru said thank you in another way.  She brought her partner of more than a decade, Miami Police officer Suzy Izaguirre, up to the dais.

"I have to celebrate the City of Miami, my bosses, our employees, her boss, her coworkers not only tolerated our alternative lifestyle but accepted it," said Bru.

Bru then brought out a ring.  The audience applauded and Izaguirre covered her face with her hands then hugged Bru.

"Even though I can't do it in the state of Florida, we're going to, if the chief allows her, we're going to go to New York to get married and live happily ever after as wife and wife," said Bru.

Naturally the Chief of Police said yes.

"Who am I to stand in the way of love," said Chief Manuel Orosa.

Officer Izaguirre said, "I do."

Bru joked, "Commissioner Sarnoff you know a good lawyer never asks a question they don't know the answer to."

Still Izaguirre said she never saw the proposal coming.

"Very surprised I was not expecting it at all. She's always thanking me I don't know for what she's always thanking me, so I thought 'She's thanking me for something. This is really embarrassing,' then when I saw the box, I died" said Izaguirre.

Bru said she chose the city meeting because the commission has been like family to her.

The couple plans to wed in New York but promises the party will be in Miami.


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