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Condo Complex Requires Dog DNA To Find Careless Owners

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) — A South Florida property management group is taking action to clean up its pet poop problem.

At Hollywood Station Condominium on Hollywood Blvd. and Dixie Hwy, residents will soon have to subject their dogs to DNA tests so their association can track down who's not picking up after their pets.

"I'm a little disappointed that people do not take care of their own pets," said resident Bill Rochelle. "I think it's your responsibility if you have a dog to take care of him and pick up after him."

Property manager Tiffany Acosta says the pet waste problem has gotten out of control.

"It's human nature unfortunately. It's not the pet's fault. It's irresponsible pet owners," Acosta said.

Despite numerous signs and bags to make the clean-up process easier, Acosta said she's been forced to try something new.

The plan to collect doggie DNA is raising some eyebrows among residents.

"We saw a notice in the elevator last week that we had to bring our dogs to be DNA tested so that they could find their poop so they could find which dog it was and fine the person who owned the dog," resident Kayla O'Brien said.

Her mother owns an 8-month old sheltie named Harrison.

She cleans up after him, but some of her neighbors don't always follow her lead.

"We give notices, we've been giving notices," Acosta said. "I've been here 3 years and really the behavior hasn't changed."

The dog DNA test works just like a human test would, with a simple cheek swab.

Kits are available at the front desk and the staff is trained to collect the sample.

At Hollywood station, the $30 kit is covered by a resident's $350pet deposit.

Any droppings found will be picked up and shipped to the lab. If it matches your dog's DNA, you'll have to pay up.

"$150 and then after that I think it goes up a little bit more," O'Brien said. "150 bucks for some poop is a pretty big deal."

Acosta thinks it's a small price to pay to keep the community clean.

"If nothing else, it's going to change behavior," Acosta said. "I don't want to fine everybody, but I have to make somebody accountable.

The $150 fine only applies to the Hollywood Station condo complex and 2 others nearby managed by the same company.

If owners are caught failing to clean up after their dogs elsewhere in the city of Hollywood, it's a $25 fine for the first offense.

To learn more about the dog DNA test, visit

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