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President Trump Hosts 'Latinos for Trump' Roundtable In Doral On Friday

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – President Donald Trump began the 'Latinos for Trump' event at the Trump National Doral by mentioning he was thrilled to be in Doral.

"The success of the Hispanics. They call them Latinos sometimes, Hispanics sometimes and sometimes you can call them both. They don't really care I figured. After about five years, I figured they don't really care. Just call us one of those two and we are OK."

As President Trump wooed the crowd, many wearing masks, and social distancing.

"He has a love for the Latinos and being Cuban, he is the only President that has addressed the problems with Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela," said Willy Guardiola.

"Donald Trump is the wall between liberty, freedom, and communication. So we are going to defend this nation," said an attendee.

CBS4's Jim DeFede talks about President Trump's visit to Miami:

Some of his supporters faced off with a group of Latinos for Biden sympathizers on the sidewalk.

"I am here to show my support for the Biden-Harris Ticket, and my total disgust with Donald Trump and I think we need a president who will listen to medical expertise," said Modesto Abety.

The Hispanic vote in Florida could be a critical swing vote in the nation's most important battleground states. A poll by the Washington Post and ABC News showed President Trump with 51 percent of the Hispanic vote in Florida and Joe Biden with 47 percent.

"We have built the greatest economy in history, and now we are doing it again. In the past four months, we added 3.3 million jobs, Hispanic American jobs.. and that is a record also."

The president told the crowd he accomplished more in the last 47 months than Biden had in the last 47 months.

"It is really sad. He sold out the Hispanic American community. He sent your jobs to China, made your communities less safe, and attacked your religious values. Joe Biden betrayed his Hispanic Americans and I am fighting for you."

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