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Pre-Game Playlist: Devon Still 'Shakes It Off' With Daughter Leah

Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still has many options of music to listen to—just based on who he is listening with.

“I have a lot of different styles of music I listen to,” Still said. “When I’m with myself I’m a hip-hop guy. But, when I’m with my fiancé we listen to a lot of R&B and when I’m with my daughter we listen to a lot of ‘Kidz Bop.’”

When Still is alone, he is particular about his rap.

“Tupac is my favorite because I feel like he touched a lot of personal issues that go on in people’s lives,” Still said.

Still’s favorite song though, is ‘Heaven or Hell’ by Meek Mill and Jadakiss.

Still embraces artists who tell things like they are, without any dancing around it.

“I feel like I wear my heart on my sleeve,” Still said. “I don’t fake a lot of emotions; I don’t know how to be politically correct. I just be myself and I think that’s what captures a lot of people.”

But speaking of dancing—Still has some moves, with a little help of course.

“When it comes to my daughter and we’re listening to our music we can definitely pull out a couple of our dance moves,” Still said. “But without her I’m not quite as good.”

Leah's favorite song to dance to? Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off.'

Still noted how music is also a big part of his game, like it is for most NFL athletes.

“A lot of players have that certain song they listen to before they go out on that football field,” Still said. “For me, it switches up. This year I was listening to a lot of gospel music.”

Still added gospel music was a way for him to have a different outlook on life in the wake of his daughter’s cancer treatment. According to Still, gospel music helped him understand different aspects of life better, while having some questions answered in the process. 

Click here to download Devon Still’s Pre-Game Playlist on iTunes.

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