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Poll Reveals 1 In 3 Florida Pet Owners Experiencing Post-Pandemic Pet Regret

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A recent poll of Florida pet owners who had adopted or bought an animal during the pandemic says over 1/3 is experiencing post-pandemic pet regret.

The poll of 3,000 people was conducted by pet products website, Innovet Pet.

It revealed that over 1 in 3 pet owners worry that they will not be able to care for their pets adequately as life returns to normal, and they spend less time at home.

"Being home alone means many people have been spending more time scrolling through social media. While some are tempted by online shopping purchases promoted by influencers and celebrities. One in five new pet owners said they were influenced into adopting or buying their animal after seeing others post their cute pets on social media," the poll found.

The poll also found that over 1 in 3 of new pandemic puppy owners indicated their pup lacks critical social and training skills which are vital to development.

Missing out on walks in public spaces and lack of exposure to other people and dogs due to social distancing regulations could be to blame, the poll indicated.

An astounding 53 percent of those polled admit they did no prior research before getting their pet during the pandemic.

"If you're struggling with pet regret after adopting or purchasing a new animal during the pandemic, it's crucial to understand that you still have the responsibility to look after your pet," Dave Louvet of Innovet Pet. "Handing over your pet to be rehomed may sound like an easy fix but it can be extremely traumatic to your animal, therefore, ensure you explore every possible avenue and solution before resorting to the option of rehoming your pet."

Click here to see the illustrated graphic showing poll results.

Animal shelters report an increase in owners handing over older puppies with behavioral issues. Also, listings for puppies being resold on pet sale sites have increased.

On the bright side, more than a quarter of pet owners polled believe walking your dog every day should be a legal requirement.

You should remember that it is never a good idea to abandon your pets.

Innovet Pet offers the following tips to integrate your pets into your lifestyle:

1. Create a schedule
If you live alone, try waking up or going to bed half an hour later if you struggle to find time to take your dog on walks. If you're on a family schedule, allocate daily responsibilities to each member based on their availability.

2. Behavioral training
Is your dog not housetrained yet? Do they bark incessantly when the doorbell rings? Are they vicious around other dogs? Consider signing your pup up for training. Contact information from trainers can be found at most pet hospitals or pet stores.

3. Hire a dog walker
Life can get in the way of responsibility sometimes. Therefore, if you're going through a challenging period at work or in your personal life, you could consider hiring a dog walker to make sure your pup is getting the exercise they need.

Good luck!

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