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Popular Camel Dies At Zoo Miami

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) - A camel frequently used for rides by Zoo Miami park visitors died Tuesday after becoming septic from a recent fall.

Zoo Miami spokesperson Ron Magill said Randy, a 9 year old dromedary camel, was found on the ground and in apparent distress on Monday morning.

Workers hoisted Randy up where he was able to stand for a short while, but then collapsed to the ground again. Throughout the night, Randy was monitored by Zoo Miami's veterinary staff but he was never able to stand on his own.

Randy was found dead by staff on Tuesday morning.

Initial results of a necropsy showed Randy's death appeared to be consistent with shock and sepsis due to stress and exertion related to the fall.

"This is a sad loss for Zoo Miami and the many guests that have come to know Randy over the years," read a statement released by Zoo Miami. "A thorough investigation is underway to help determine what led to this incident.  There are two camels that remain in the area but until the investigation is complete to help insure that such an incident does not occur again, the camel ride at Zoo Miami will remain closed."

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