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Pop-Tarts asks Taylor Swift to release Chiefs treats recipe

Taylor Swift's economic and political impact
Taylor Swift's economic and political impact 06:20

Kellanova-owned snack maker Pop-Tarts has asked pop star Taylor Swift to release the recipe for the pastries she baked the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Swift, who is dating Super Bowl winner and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, made homemade toaster pastries for Kelce's teammates, coach Andy Reid told NBC Sports' PFT Live.

"Behind the scenes, to fit in — she didn't even know she was doing this, I don't think — but she likes to cook, so she made the offensive linemen these homemade Pop-Tarts," Reid said.

Pop-Tarts followed up with a full-page ad in The Kansas City Star as well as a post on Instagram asking Swift for the proprietary recipe. The brand said if Swift turns it over, Pop-Tarts would double a $12,500 donation to Harvesters, a Feeding America partner food bank. In its own post on Instagram, Harvesters said Swift has supported its mission in the past. "Now, her sharing the recipe could mean even more money for folks in Kansas City experiencing food insecurity," Harvesters said.

It's not surprising that an already popular brand wants to partner with Swift. She has proved that she's much more than a pop star. The self-made billionaire is an economic engine in her own right, boosting local economies where she's toured and driving up NFL viewership by attracting her legions of fans to the sport. The U.S. Travel Association estimates her Eras Tour generated more than $5 billion for local economies in the U.S. alone.

"To KC's most famous fan, we heard you have a Pop-Tarts pastry recipe," the plea reads. "We're tortured not knowing more about this DIY delight. What's the filling? Does it have frosting? Do they have little holes?"

Pop-Tarts then proposed a deal with Swift. "We are making a donation to Harvesters, a Local Feeding America partner food bank, and will double it if you share (your version) of our recipe with the masses."

Its Instagram post mimicked Swift's Eras Tour graphics. 

Pop-Tarts senior director of marketing Heidi Ray said the brand supports and is inspired by "those who challenge convention and spark creativity."

It's asking Swift to release her recipe "so fans can get creative and make their own at home, too." 

In his interview, coach Reid praised her presence in the team's fanbase. 

"She's so grounded for who she is ... Since the queen has passed away, she might be the most famous woman in the world. But she handles it," he said, adding that the media attention on Kelce and the scrutiny of the high-profile couple's relationship was never an issue for the team. "Travis handled it great, she handled it great," Reid said.

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