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"Sleep-Driving" Judge Wins Reelection; Broward Runs Smooth

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Broward Circuit Court Judge Lynn Rosenthal has won reelection.

This was a closely watched race because Rosenthal was arrested three months ago after crashing her SUV into a gate at the courthouse.

She pleaded guilty to reckless driving and spoke about the dangers of sleep driving after taking a sleep medication the night before work.

Rosenthal won her race with 57-percent of the vote.

Voter turnout in Broward County was light and there were no reported glitches.

Voters at a polling location in Lauderhill felt inspired to vote.

"The judges are always important because they are foundational and I feel like I'm a hypocrite if I don't vote when I'm able to and if I don't like the results than it's my fault," said voter Jane Fontaine.

"I want to vote so bad, in fact, I don't know who I'm voting for but I just want to vote. It's very important," said voter Cedric Marrett before he cast his ballot.

The Supervisor of Elections said that the speedy voting Tuesday was also because a lot of people already voted.

"When you put early vote in and the absentee vote in together it's a decent number of people who have voted early. So far we have over 60,000 who voted early with the combination of the two," said Brenda Snipes

One campaign worker, however, expressed her disappointment in voter turnout.

"Well I've been here all day and I've been quite disappointed because I've seen a very low turnout for a primary with really important people to vote on," said Beverly Vesel.

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Beside statewide and congressional races, Broward voters had County Commission races, County judgeships and Circuit Court judgeships to consider.

All voters, even those who weren't registered in a political party, were allowed to participate in nonpartisan elections for judges and School Board.


In Broward, where the early-voting period was 10 days, just over 19,000 went to the polls and about 40,000 turned in absentee ballots.


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