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Poll: Romney Dominating Gingrich Among Florida Latino Voters

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Newt Gingrich may be surging in the overall polls, he has a big weakness amongst a key group Republicans must have in Florida if they hope to carry the state in the fall.

According to a new ABC News/Univision Poll, Mitt Romney has a 26 point lead over Newt Gingrich among Latino Republicans.

Romney was favored by 49 percent of Latino Republicans compared to just 23 percent supporting Gingrich.

The support for Romney comes even though he has vowed to never allow the DREAM Act to pass and one of his senior advisors was the architect of the highly controversial Arizona and Alabama immigration laws.

Romney's support amongst Latino Republicans comes primarily from Cuban-Americans in Florida.

Among Latinos in Florida of Cuban origin, Romney expands his lead even further to 49 percent to just 17 percent supporting Gingrich.

When it comes to the November general election, 50 percent of Florida Latinos prefer President Barack Obama, while 40 percent support Mitt Romney.

If Gingrich is the eventual nomination, the lead for Obama grows to 52 percent to 38 percent support for Gingrich.

Breaking it down further, Cubans in the state side with Romney over Obama 54-34 percent, according to the ABC News/Univision Poll.

However, Puerto Ricans prefer Obama 67 percent to 23 percent and other Latino groups also prefer Obama over Romney by a 52 to 36 percent margin.

Nationally, Obama has support from roughly 2/3 of Latino voters, with just 25 percent supporting Romney, according to the poll.

Additionally, 42 percent of Latino voters nationally said they have an unfavorable view of Gingrich and 41 percent said they have an unfavorable view of Romney, according to the poll.

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