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Poll: Gov. DeSantis Has Nearly Double Digit Lead Over Democratic Challengers

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Governor Ron DeSantis is seeking reelection in November, and while it's a long way off the latest Mason-Dixon poll shows he has a pretty comfortable lead over his Democratic challengers.

Statewide, DeSantis leads former governor and current Representative Charlie Crist by a 51%-43% margin. He has just a slightly larger margin over state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (53%-42%) and State Senator Annette Taddeo (53%-37%).

According to Mason-Dixon, these leads all appear to be related to DeSantis' name recognition advantage, although Crist is almost comparably well known.

In the polling, DeSantis name was recognized favorably by 49% and unfavorably by 37%. Crist's name, on the other hand, was recognized favorably by 32% of those polled and unfavorably by 35%. Fried and Taddeo trailed far behind in name recognition.

Of the 400 Democrats surveyed, Crist's name was recognized favorably by 56%, unfavorably by 12%, and 25% were neutral. Fried's name was recognized favorably by 39%, unfavorably by 4%, and 40% were neutral. Taddeo was recognized favorably by 13%, unfavorably by 2%, 33% percent were neutral, and 52% didn't recognize her name.

Crist has emerged as the front runner for the Democratic nomination. Statewide, 44% of Democratic primary voters currently support Crist, while 27% back Fried, 3% are for Taddeo and a significant 26% remain undecided.

DeSantis's job performance rating has changed little over the past year. Statewide, 53% continue to approve of how DeSantis is handling his job, while 43% disapprove and 4% are undecided. He received the strongest support in North Florida and Southwest Florida, with the least in Southeast Florida.

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