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Poll: Fla. Jewish Voters Give Obama 44 Point Lead

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A new poll from the American Jewish Committee may explain the recent increase in ads from the Republican Jewish Coalition. According to the new poll, President Barack Obama leads the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, by 44 points in the Sunshine State.

When it came to the vice-presidential picks, 76 percent of Florida Jewish voters either somewhat or strongly approved Joe Biden as the vice-president. On the flip side, 59 percent of Florida Jewish voters somewhat or strongly disapproved of Romney's selection of Representative Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate.

A full 72 percent of Florida Jewish voters said the vice-presidential running mate is somewhat or very important to who they will vote for on November 6.

The AJC poll found the economy was the number one issue for the Florida Jewish voters, followed by health care, and a split between national security and US/Israeli relations.

Breaking it down by issue, the poll found Obama received strong approval from 52 percent on national security, 30 percent on the economy, 54 percent on health care, 31 percent on U.S.-Israeli Relations, 43 percent on taxes, 46 percent on Social Security, and 28 on Iran's nuclear program.

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