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Police Warn Of 'Pokemon Go' Dangers To Players, Kids

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Local law enforcement are warning of the real dangers associated with the virtual gaming app that's sweeping the nation - 'Pokemon Go.'

City of Miami police released a video warning of the app's dangers.

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People are addicted to 'Pokemon Go.' The free app allows users to superimpose a digital world onto the real one while catching animated Pokemon characters.

The app also allows you to send out a beacon of sorts.

In parts of the country, police have responded to assaults and robberies due to unsuspecting gamers being lured into the path of criminals.

Three teenagers were arrested in Missouri after luring players to a location and then robbing them. So, Miami Police are warning residents to be careful! They posted a Facebook video on the dangers of playing saying,  "The obvious dangers are that if you are so engaged in the game, that you might trip over objects or even run into things like trees or even worse you can step in to traffic and get hit by a car."

Parents - be careful with letting your kids play unattended.

The way the game is designed can bring people together in the real world as they search for Pokemon.

"Now if I am a bad guy, I know where to sit and wait for your children to arrive," a police officer says in the video.

Police said they're getting calls saying groups of people are lurking in front of businesses after hours and even people's backyards late at night.

"What if there's a Pokemon in private property? Is your child going to trespass that property to go get that Pokemon," an officer asks in the video.

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Miami Police say to make sure you do your best to supervise your children so they don't do something illegal like trespassing while playing. Also, don't play 'Pokemon Go' and drive. Catching Pikachu isn't worth crashing.

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