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Escaped Prisoner Back In Custody After Brief Chase

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- An escaped prisoner is back in police custody after a brief chase through the streets of South Florida.

Police surrounded and captured him at a Walgreens on NW 41st Street and 97th Avenue Monday morning.

Officers identify him as Andy Leonard Ulysse. The 33 year old is wanted out of Georgia for armed robbery, kidnapping and possession of a firearm.

According to local news reports, Ulysse is accused of using women to lure victims into hotel rooms so he could rob them at gunpoint.

"Only goes to show how ruthless this person is. If he's willing to do that, he's willing to escape from a police car," said Det. Alvaro Zabaleta with Miami-Dade Police.

Miami Dade narcotics cops served a warrant and arrested Ulysse near Haulover Park Monday morning. They feared that he might try to get out of the country so he was being transferred from a substation to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center (TGK).

That's when, police said, he managed to kick his way out of the cruiser while in handcuffs on the Palmetto Expressway (SR-826) near the 36th Street exit and made a run for it.

He reportedly jumped off a 15-foot embankment from the expressway and ran to a nearby hotel where he took an airport van that had been left running prompting a chase through the Doral area.

"Obviously he was doing everything in his power in order to escape," said Det. Zabaleta.

Officers said, during the chase, the prisoner attempted to hit a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser and a Miami-Dade Police Cruiser. He did hit a Sweetwater Police vehicle and side-swiped a pedestrian. Fortunately, that pedestrian is okay.

The brief chase ended at the Walgreens where he allegedly tried to ditch the van and make a run for it but police were able to take him into custody.

Officer say he also may be wanted for a murder in Ohio. Police are currently looking into his background. Ulysse will be extradited to Georgia to face armed robbery and kidnapping charges there first.

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