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Police Release "Swatting" Calls To Lil Wayne's Mansion

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MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – Prank calls to a non-emergency police number Wednesday sent highly-trained officers strapped with bulletproof vests to the Miami Beach home of Lil' Wayne.

Miami Beach Police released the calls Thursday. They believe both calls were made by the same person.

An anonymous caller phoned the department's non-emergency number, twice, saying he shot four people.

"I'm in Dwayne's house, I just shot four people. I'm killing whoever else I see. I don't give a [expletive] if you're a cop or not I'm shooting to kill everyone…" the caller said.

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The caller requests police, "I need like a couple police officers" and then repeats that he "shot four people."

"…I don't know if they're OK I just really need somebody to get here…"

The woman who answered the call asked if the prank "shooter" was there, and he says, "yes I'm here. Are you sending help?"

When she asks him why he did it, he says, "because I felt like it, I don't, I don't know." He goes on to ask if people are on the way.

WEB EXTRA: [AUDIO] Prank Caller Tells Police He "Shot 4 People" In Lil Wayne's Mansion

When the woman asks the caller his name, he hangs up.

Officers set a perimeter around the home, requested SWAT team and K-9.

SWAT entered the home around 2:40 p.m. but did not find any evidence of a shooting.

Miami Beach Police tweeted, after it was revealed that nothing had happened in or around the home, that the call, "appears to be a "Swatting" call. No victims/no injuries/no subject at 94 LaGorce."

The prank, called "SWATTING," involves making a hoax call to 911 to draw a response from highly-trained and heavily-armed law enforcement, usually a SWAT team.

Later, Lil' Wayne sent out a tweet, using his usual slang, saying "Prank kall mane."

Investigators will now try to determine who made the call.

Police plan to charge the prank caller with two felonies; false reporting to a law enforcement agency and misuse of 9-1-1 communication--even though he called the non-emergency line, police say because he misused the emergency system.

Sources say Lil' Wayne was at a recording studio in North Miami Beach when the incident unfolded.

Several cars were seen entering the home throughout the afternoon Wednesday. Lil' Wayne drove away just after 6 p.m. He did not respond to questions from waiting reporters.


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