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Police: Miramar Toddler Fatally Shot Mother

MIRAMAR (CBS4) - Miramar Police are trying to sort out the details of a deadly shooting that claimed the life of a mother.

The 911 call that police received on the shooting at The Ashlar Apartments said the woman's toddler -- just 2-and-a-half years old -- accidentally shot and killed his mother. Police are trying to determine if that is, indeed, what transpired.

Police spokeswoman Tania Rues said a man called 911 around 7 pm Wednesday night to report the shooting. He had either seen or heard what happened.

"We did have someone who called this in and at present time police are meeting with this individual and speaking to him on the matter," she told reporters.

However, she would not elaborate on what the man told detectives.

The man is "known to the victim," Rues said, but declined to say the exact nature of their relationship.

Miramar Police could be seen looking over the little boy, possibly for evidence that he had, in fact, fired the weapon.

Neighbor Abel Hernandez said he and others in the apartment complex were looking for a missing child, along with police when they heard a gunshot and saw a female officer run towards the apartment. Moments later, they saw the officer emerge from the apartment with the child.

"It's really sad," Hernandez said. "I feel bad for the little kid. He's not gonna see his mom."

Neighbor Stephanie Andoro lives nearby with her young son, Adrian. She said the shooting shook her.

"I have a two year old and I would never want my son to go through anything like that at all," she said.

Miramar Police have not released the name of the victim because they are still trying to contact her relatives. The little boy could be placed into foster care or with family members.

Investigators said the child was too young to understand what occurred.

"It appears that he's not aware of exactly what it was that happened," Rues said.

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