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Miami Beach police investigate fatal shooting on Ocean Drive

Shots fired in Miami Beach
Shots fired in Miami Beach 02:23

MIAMI - Police are investigating a double shooting on Ocean Drive which resulted in one person dead and another one wounded.

CBS News Miami's Larry Seward heard at least five shots on Friday night. When it was over, two people had been shot.

The wounded man was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

Officers had made at least one arrest, but it was not clear if the man they arrested had anything to do with the shooting.

An hour after another chaotic scene, as a crowd from Ohio watched in shock.

"We were in Mangoes, and it was like, we saw a bunch of people kind of rush the door at the main entrance. Everybody was ducking and everybody in the restaurant. There was a shot. Everybody was scattering, ducking down, running to the sides of the restaurant."

On Twitter, Miami Beach Police said they collected three firearms from the scene at Ocean Drive and 7th.

Detectives were at the scene still gathering information, trying to figure out exactly what led up to the shooting.

Hundreds of people were in the area at the time.

Earlier in the evening, tourists had their say about what they saw on Miami Beach. 

"It's a big crowd," a college student from Atlanta named Crissy said. 

"It's a lot of noise, and, too much chaos, especially at night."

Officers shut down the strip to vehicular traffic at 4 am. 

Then, after 6 pm, police dropped barricades around the South of Fifth and Flamingo Park neighborhoods. 

Officers did so to steer traffic away from pedestrian hotspots. 

It also provided clearer lines of sight for officers. 

Miami Beach deployed officers visible in golf carts, cruisers, and towers.

"There were cops around but it was not enough and they're not everywhere," a college student named Eliana from New Jersey said. 

"It's always crowded," her friend Demiyah, also a college student from New Jersey, added.  

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