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Player Style Files: Jets Safety Calvin Pryor Humbled By His Opportunities

New York Jets safety Calvin Pryor is fresh off of his rookie season in the NFL. But throughout his rookie campaign and his collegiate career at Louisville, #25 has been known for his smash mouth playing style.

“I would define my playing style on the field as an enforcer, someone who’s going to deliver the blow to you,” Pryor said. “I just have a lot of passion and a lot of energy for the game.”

While Pryor is loud on the field with his hard hitting, he claims he is the exact opposite off the field.

“I’m really quiet, I don’t say much most of the time,” Pryor added. “But once I get on the football field—that’s my sanctuary.”

Pryor isn’t a quiet spender, that’s for sure. He “splurged” on a brand new house and two brand new Audis right after he was drafted.

The funny thing about Pryor is that football wasn’t even his first sport.

“If I didn’t play football, I would’ve played baseball,” Pryor said. “Baseball was my first love. But I’ve created so many memories with football and built so many friendships.”

Pryor stays humble as his NFL journey rapidly unfolds, using veterans like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning as motivation to eventually win a Super Bowl of his own.

Pryor also remains humbled by the fact that his NFL dream came to fruition.

“I never thought I would even go to college, let alone get drafted.”

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