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COVID-Dedicated Fire Truck Back In Action To Help Patients In Plantation

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- With the increase of COVID-19 cases in Broward County, the City of Plantation is bringing back a dedicated fire truck to handle those patients.

When COVID-19 cases were on the decline earlier this year Plantation Fire decided to put the truck back in regular service.

But now with the spread of the delta variant, Plantation Fire made the decision that there was a need to again dedicate the truck to help COVID-19 patients.

The cases are spiking and the truck will respond to COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive.

Plantation Fire also said to make sure if you call 911 to let the dispatcher know that you are COVID-19 positive or experiencing symptoms and if possible to wait for emergency personnel outside so you can be treated safely and transported to the hospital.

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