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Plantation Family Seeks Solution From City After Three Vehicles Plow Into Their Home

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Plantation family has had not one, not two, but three close calls.

Since 2015, three vehicles have plowed into Jonathan Phillips' home.

All of the crashes leaving behind extensive damage and a growing fear of when the next one might happen.

After the third car plowed into their home, they made a decision to keep their hurricane shutters up year-round as a form of protection.

The quiet family neighborhood boarders a dangerous road that is anything but.

"You have people drag racing you have people doing burn outs in the middle of the intersection," said Phillips.

"The city said with the first crash, what are the odds of it happening again?  Well, it's happened two more times after that.  More than likely it's going to happen it's just a matter of how bad it's going to be," he added.

The first crash happening in 2015, when police say, a driver hopped the median on North Nob Hill Road, launching their SUV into the air, in the direction of three homes.

"It plowed through their backyard then entered into ours, took out the hot tub, took out the side of the house and then continued into that neighbor's backyard where the SUV took out the hot tub," said Phillips.

Phillips and his family were sitting at the dinner table.

"We were literally in this room right here eating dinner, so if it ended up hitting here, it would have gone into where we were sitting," said Phillips.

Instead, the vehicle took out a wall and a bathroom.  If it had happened just sixty seconds sooner, Phillips said his grandmother could have died.

"It was about a minute before the car crash happened that she was in the room that was destroyed," he said.

The second crash happened at 4 a.m. in 2017.  Another median hop.

"They came from the same side of the road, plowed into the side of our house and it was hit and run," said Phillips.

Phillips reached out to the city of Plantation several times asking them to make changes. Eventually, he said, the city put up a guardrail. He said it's prevented people from crossing lanes but hasn't solved the problem. In April of 2021, another crash.

"He came from the southbound lane, plowing into this corner and taking out this tree completely," said Phillips.

All three crashes, leaving behind unwanted memorabilia.

"The first car crash we had a GMC that plowed into our house.  The second car crash was a hit and run with the Honda and then the third crash was a Toyota," explained Phillips.

With no real solution to the problem, Phillips and his family worry, it's not a matter of if, but when, another crash will happen.

"You're watching TV one minute everything is fine and then the next minute a car plows in and everybody is gone.  That's my fear that that's going to happen one day," he worries.

Plantation police say three crashes over a six-year span on that section of North Nob Hill Road isn't unusual.  They tell CBS4's Ashley Dyer, they pull over dangerous drivers every day.

Jonathan said he'd like a guardrail or a wall put up as a buffer between the road and his home.

CBS4 has reached out to the city of Plantation, who did install a guardrail after the second crash. We have yet to hear back.

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