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Pinterest Collects Followers With Innovative Pin Board Concept

MIAMI (CBS4) - Think of Pinterest as your personal file cabinet with all the folders you need and all the drawers you could ever wish for. Add to that, the convenience of having it all neatly cataloged on your very own web page.

"I would describe it as the best thing ever. That is how I would describe it," Jamila Powell told CBS4's Jorge Estevez.

Powell is a Pinterest enthusiast. This South Florida woman loves to share her favorite things with her followers.

"DIY, food, and drinks, women's apparel, hair and beauty, pets, travel... it has everything," said Powell.

So how does she do it? She simply finds things she sees online and virtually pins them on her Pin Board by category. The site saves the link and that way she can go back and look for it later when she has time.

"If you see something you can pin it on your board, so that way you never have to worry about seeing something and never knowing where you saw it at," explained Powell. "It allows me to go in and find things and it inspires me to try different things."

The categories are endless. In the do it yourself section, she found a decorative wreath, which after clicking, lead her to how to create one of her own.

A picture of a delicious looking chocolate cake took her to the recipe. And ideas on how to decorate a brides chair at her wedding, brought her other wedding ideas.

"It is yet another basic instance where we are taking basic human interaction  and going online with it," explained South Florida Social media expert, Jewel Figueras.

He embraces any website that can allow people to share what they have learned. "It is the convenience. I mean how often Jorge have you found something on the web and said, oh my gosh! Then three weeks later I need to find that and I wish I had kept it. It is a way of keeping it."

And it is more than just keeping things, it is about sharing ideas that can get you motivated to try something new whenever you get around to it," said Figueras. "It really gets you off your couch and it gets you out and thinking and being creative."

And yes, it is entertaining and informative and with four million people on that site it is only growing. And the best part is that you can send your Pinterest board over to your Twitter and Facebook account so everyone can benefit from your favorite things.


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