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Peter King: Bills Game a 'Fire Alarm Game' For Miami Dolphins


"I'm mystified quite honestly right now," The MMQB's Peter King said of Ndamukong Suh and the Miami Dolphins' defensive line on the Joe Rose Show. "I would only say this, Joe, that I think the fact that it's been three games is the reason why -- I mean look, I'm like everybody else. I looked at that game on Sunday and that was fire alarm game, that was a bad, bad game for Miami but as far as individually what's wrong with him I still think that a lot of times when a guy is in a new defense and he's got new responsibilities, that you've got to give him a little bit of time to adjust especially with the fact that a) there's not a lot in the offseason that you do that really gets you ready, both on the offensive and defensive lines in particular, so I'm willing to basically say let's give them a quarter of a season -- four or five games -- and then let's take a hard and fast look.

"It's just that right now [Suh] is not getting the disruption in the pocket and if I'm Kevin Coyle and I'm those guys I'm in essence this weekend against the Jets, I'm asking him right now to play less by the book and more instinctively."

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