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Pet Pacemakers Can Be A Real Life Saver

MIAMI (CBS4) - You've certainly heard of pacemakers for people but how about if your dog or cat needed a pacemaker.

Believe it or not it's happening more and more. In Florida there are only five pet cardiologists who can perform this life saving surgery.

Pat Pruett in Homestead bought Rocky the boxer for protection. Pruett, a bail bondsman, said Rocky gives her a sense of security.

"As soon as the door is knocked on he goes to the door and barks viciously," she said.

Over the last four years, Rocky has become part of the family.

"He's very loving," said Pruett.

Two months ago when the 125 pound dog started collapsing ten times a day Pat was terrified.

"He would just walk and collapse and have shivers and contorting," said Pruett.

So she brought him to Dr. Robert Prosek in Homestead, cardiologist for animals. Prosek is one of the five veterinarians in the state to perform the pacemaker procedure in animals and that's exactly what Rocky needed.

"His heart wasn't going as fast as we needed it to go," said Prosek.

So the pacemaker was put in and Rocky is doing much better. Pruett said she herself had a massive heart attack and was nursed back to health a few years ago.

"No one gave up on me so I didn't want to give up on him," said Pruett.

The pacemaker procedure for animals runs about three thousand dollars.

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