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Pesky Python Removed From Lawn Of Palmetto Bay Home

MIAMI (CBS4) - A very large python who made its home on a Palmetto Bay lawn was removed by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom Unit Monday, much to the horror of residents nearby.

"Oh my God. Oh my God.  Oh my God," said one terrified resident.

The snake was spotted on the front lawn of a home near 180th Street and Southwest 77th Avenue, near where children exit a school bus.

"It was huge, freaky," said resident Jodi Brown.

By the time members of the Venom One Unit arrived, the python had slithered into a nearby bush to hide.

After removing it from the bush, the venom unit promptly put the huge python in a container for safe transporting, but not before the sneaky creature tried several times to break free of its confines.

"I was surprised to see it in neighborhood," said neighbor Christine Redmond. "Haven't seen any here before."

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