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Focusing on You: Personal Training at University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute

EXOS is a human performance company working in partnership with University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute at The Lennar Foundation Medical Center in Coral Gables, Florida. Click here to schedule a personal training consultation.

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Athletes like André Figueroa are ringing in the new year with their fitness goals top of mind. "I've always loved endurance sports," says André. "Now I want to cycle competitively as an amateur pro." To help push his cycling ability to the next level, André is following a customized plan designed by trainers at EXOS human performance company. Using a holistic approach, EXOS trainers coordinate a client's diet, rest, and workout needs to create a realistic roadmap for maximizing performance in the gym and beyond.

Located in The Lennar Foundation Medical Center, EXOS services are offered in partnership with University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute, led by Dr. Lee Kaplan. As part of a 90-day plan designed by his EXOS consultant, André participates in small group trainings in a rotation that incorporates days for rest, hydration and recuperation.

"We want to see you more mobile and more agile than you've ever been," says EXOS representative Chris Washington. "Our program is for anyone who wants to be fit – moms, dads, professionals, young athletes – our program is for everyone."


The EXOS program is built around the concepts of mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery. Clients work with a trainer to establish their goals and develop a game plan for reaching them. The resulting 90-day program is a combination of small group workout sessions, nutrition consultations, and services like massage to help clients recover faster. Two months into the customized program, an EXOS trainer re-visits the plan to make sure the client is still on track or to adapt the plan as necessary.

As a part of the thriving South Florida fitness community, EXOS has worked with professional athletes, high school athletic programs, and college athletes to bring players back from injuries or to enhance their abilities to ensure they are performing at their best, on and off the field.


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Above content provided by University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute and UHealth, University of Miami Health System.

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