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PBA VP: Officers Acted Appropriately In Excessive Force Claim

HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) - The Vice President of the Broward County Police Benevolent Association said the officers caught on cell phone video taking down a Broward county teenager did nothing wrong.

Jeff Marano of the PBA watched the video of the officers pulling 17 year old Alexis Cabrera out of the car and pinning him to the ground.

"I mean they're just using justifiable use of force in the use of force continuum which the law allows us to go one step further than the resistance that we are having," said Marano.

But Cabrera alleges the cops beat him and used excessive force. His lawyer won't allow him to talk to the media anymore. But he spoke out Wednesday when a judge released him from a juvenile detention facility. "I was punched in the face and then pulled out the car," he said. "I have massive head pain. I have massive neck pain. When I came in here I had two black eyes. My left eye couldn't open and I had to turn my body to turn my head ."

CBS 4 News pulled the personnel files for the two Hollywood Police officers named in the police report. For the most part the files show Officers Aldo Blanco and Isaiah Pitts have a good history on the force. Blanco's superiors describe him as an officer who makes "well informed intelligent decisions." He even received a special recognition award in February of this year. Pitts received the same award. His bosses describe Officer Pitts as "an enthusiastic and productive officer." However CBS 4 News did find five complaints against Pitts back in 2008 for rudeness and harassment.

Cabrera is not completely clean either. He admitted to running from the cops. But he denied investigators' claims that he rammed a police cruiser.

In the end, Marano believes the officers involved in the incident will all be cleared of any wrongdoing.

"They were using justifiable use of force for the situation that they were presented with," said Marano.

Cabrera plans on filing a lawsuit against the department.

The Hollywood Police Department declined a request for an interview citing the pending investigation. The department said one of the officers has been taken off patrol duty and put on administrative duty pending the outcome of the case. Hollywood police department said it is taking the case very seriously.

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