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McArthur High Students, Teachers Treated For Mystery Rashes

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – Twelve students and two teachers from McArthur High School in Hollywood had to be taken to Memorial Regional Hospital for decontamination after they developed a mysterious rash.

Health officials still haven't been able to determine what sparked the problems that started Wednesday morning.

Word of the outbreak spread quickly.

"It was like on Twitter and stuff," said Abel Reyes, a junior, "That there was a rash going around and stuff and they had to evacuate some students."

Hollywood Fire Rescue immediately quarantined the classroom from other students and evacuated the rest of the building.

Some concerned parents who heard about the situation, went to the school to pick up their kids.

"I called the school and they told me the kids that were affected, they called the parents already and the rest of the kids are just on lockdown for now," said Rhonda Lazcano.  "My concern is that it could be in another classroom.  So when it's over (the lockdown) I'm probably going to take mine out."

Vivian Negron said she called her friend who was one of the affected students.

"He told me it started as a rash on his arm and then spread to his leg; it was red and blistering," Negron said.

The students and teachers were eventually released from the hospital after going through showers and were allowed to take their clothing home in plastic bags.

The rashes had cleared and most of those impacted said they were too embarrassed to talk about what happened.

One woman told CBS4's Joan Murray that her niece had been tested for hundreds of different substances, but nothing was identified that could have caused the outbreak.

Broward County Schools said the school will be thoroughly cleaned and school will resume Thursday as scheduled.

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