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Parents Want Answers After Day Care Death

PLANTATION (CBSMiami) - A Plantation daycare center remains closed after a six-month-old baby died there suddenly a week ago.

The child, Saindley Norde, had no underlying medical condition and Plantation police are calling the death suspicious.

His parents, spoke exclusively to CBS4's Joan Murray.

"It's very, very difficult, because I loved him so much, I cannot sleep, I cannot eat," said Avenue Norde.

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Her husband, Saintobent Norde says they have tried to get information on what happened to their child but have been frustrated in their efforts.

The Norde's say their child was perfectly healthy when they dropped him off at the Sinai Day Care and Learning Center at 201 NW 46th Avenue the morning of June 3rd.

At 12:45 p.m., Avenue Norde says she got a frantic emergency call and later was told to go to Plantation Hospital.

She says when she learned her baby had died she collapsed in tears.

"For six months, he's never sick, only to the doctor for checkups, never sick before," said Avenue Norde.

"I want to know what happened to my baby because even his doctor called and said I can't believe that."

Saintobent Norde worries the baby was neglected.

"So what I think is maybe they go someplace and maybe left the baby by himself, that's what I think."

The center director Emma Castor directed all questions to the pastors of the church.

The center is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Plantation.

"The children were properly supervised," said Jean Claude Louis-Jeune, assistant pastor.

"We have to wait for the investigation to come to an end so that we can get all the answers."

Senior pastor Maxime Pape says they are ministering to the Norde's and the church staff to help everyone through the grieving process.

"We are confident in our staff but we can't say anything because the case is under investigation," said Pape.

CBS4 checked the most recent county inspection report and found that the center met staffing requirements.

Inspectors ordered the center to repair a broken water fountain and clean up the front yard.

Plantation police say they are working with BSO investigators on what happened to six-month-old Saindley Norde.  They have interviewed the Norde's and staff at the center.

Avenue Norde says she has gotten little information from the center or the church.

"I said please can you tell me how my baby died, they told me nothing."




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