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Paraiso Miami Swim Week returns this weekend with 15 runway shows

Paraiso Miami Swim Week returns this weekend with 15 runway shows
Paraiso Miami Swim Week returns this weekend with 15 runway shows 02:41

MIAMI - Summer might officially begin in a couple of weeks, but when it comes to swimming fashions, it's happening now at Paraiso Miami Swim Week, with 15 runway shows featuring designers from all over the world throughout the weekend at the tents at Collins Park.

But they're just a part of a 4-day multi-event experience.

"So, we have almost 50 events happening throughout the city. We're working with the Miami Design District on consumer experiences, and we have popups, most of them are open to the public so everyone can join, " said Nataljia Dedic Stojanvic, Founder of Paraiso Miami Swim.

Many say Swim Week is like Paris Fashion Week for sun wear and Miami certainly shines brightest. The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates the 4-day weekend pumps just under 4 million dollars to the city's economy.

"It means so much to the city of Miami Beach because over 30,000 people come to our town just for this," she said. "It means a lot for local businesses. Hotels are packed so are restaurants and clubs. The whole city really lives in Miami Swim Week and we feel the energy on the street. It's so magnificent."

Swimwear designer Natasha Tonic is a pioneer in plant-based swimwear.

In 2019, she launched her line made from hemp and organic cottons.

"It was the first time that plant-based swimwear was actually on the runway, so I kind of open this whole door for the plant-based swimmer in general. I was surprised how many people reacting to agree to it because it was a whole new thing", said Tonic.

Her new line is completely focused on generating awareness of the dangers facing coral reefs worldwide where polyesters in fashion destroy the oceans. Her suits and clothes are all completely sustainable.

"I just realize that wearing polyester and washing polyester garments releases the microfibers into the ocean, which is basically the same as plastic bottles," she said, " But it's coming through the fibers and it's even harder to clean up the ocean with these microfibers, even when there's a little piece of plastics."

This year Tonic has teamed up with Coral Morphologic, a Miami-based nonprofit organization that does research on corals and coral reefs. They actually live stream coral reefs in Miami on their website.

Tonic is taking her commitment one step further by working with the organization to plant one coral for every swimsuit sold.

"So, people think swimwear and it's just sexy girls in bikinis, but you're really thinking about the planet, yes?," asked CBS News Miami's Lisa Petrillo.

"Yes, I treat them with sexy girls in bikinis to pay attention to the planet because I'm trying to do the best job I can to keep my styles beautiful, but also in that way, the more beautiful things I make, the more people pay attention to my message and to what I have to say,' said Tonic.

Paraiso Miami Swim is on through Sunday and all of the shows are live streaming.

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