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Orlando Stations Charging Nearly $6 For Gas

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – If you think gas prices in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are getting out of control as they approach four dollars a gallon for regular, you wouldn't believe what some stations are charging in Orlando.

According to, a Shell station in Lake Buena Vista, not far from the Walt Disney World Resort, was charging $5.89 a gallon. Midgrade was $5.94 while premium was $5.99 a gallon. Whether the prices are a publicity stunt to draw attention to the station is anybody's guess. But if it was a stunt – it's working.  Word of the price spike has made headlines nationwide.

The Shell station in the Orlando area wasn't the only one to nudge prices near the six-dollar a gallon range. A Sun Gas Express and a Suncoast Energy station in southeast Orlando on Butler National Dr are charging $5.69 to $5.79 respectively.

A Mobil station in Lake Buena Vista on Apopka Vineland Rd near I-4 was charging $4.69 a gallon for regular Wednesday afternoon.

In South Florida, we couldn't find any stations with outrageous prices like the above, but we did find a few that have already reportedly breached the four-dollar a gallon mark.

Some stations by Miami International Airport are already selling regular unleaded for $4.39 a gallon.

Wednesday afternoon it was reported that a Chevron station at NE 167th Street and NE 6th Avenue was charging $4.09 for regular unleaded. Another North Miami Beach Chevron, at NW 167th Street and North Miami Avenue, was reportedly charging $4.01 for regular unleaded.

Miami driver William Ortiz blames speculators for hiking the price of wholesale oil. He says that's who's behind the recent spikes in local gas prices.

Since January gas prices have climbed about 20 cents a gallon here and across the country and average about $3.73 around South Florida.

The latest spikes are being fed by Iran's warnings to cut oil sales in retaliation for economic sanctions as it develops its nuclear energy program.

Some oil industry analysts predicts gas prices could average between $4.00 to $4.25 nationwide before the summer driving season.

Some analysts now predict gas prices could not only slow the course of the US economic recovery, but also become a major campaign issue as we approach the fall elections.

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